Nasu Enzuru Theatre Company

Twelfth Night

When tourist are told to picture Cambridge they tend to think of Kings College Chapel, the beautiful college backs and, perhaps the more imaginative amongst them, might dream of Christopher Robin look-a-likes frantically peddling ancient bicycles to get to the lecture hall on time. Ask a local the same question and no doubt they'll tell you about a summer of punt trips to Grantchester, the Cambridge Beer Festival and a mad curry night down Mill Road with old school mates.

So now the city has something fresh on the bucket-list for both inhabitants and visitors alike. Why not dive into a new experience the town has to offer by looking at the quirky side of theatre?

After three successful outdoor seasons at Burwash Manor and on the river Cam; Nasu Enzuru Theatre Company is quickly gaining a sexy reputation for being addicted to wonderlust and is now holding number one slot on numerous household calendars belonging to those in the know with their fingers on the pulse.

This Gypsy-Punk outfit is providing Cambridge with a rebellious way to enjoy theatre. Think of sweet libertines with an injection of sass, think of sleek physical comedy with impeccable timing, think of fiery live music with raw guts and edge, think of raunchy salaciousness and the swagger of the circus ring. Then you'd be bang on the money as to what these guys are about.

So if you want an evening of wonderlust and entertainment come along and watch their new adaption of 'Twelfth Night' this August. The show is set to colour the well loved characters of this Shakespearian comedy whilst reenergising its clever plot into something magical. A real treat for all. Expect to be dazzled, moved and tickled.

The fun doesn't stop there; why not arrive early and enjoy some delicious food from the pop-up 'Rabit Hole' Restaurant and tipi longue bar provided by the Willow Tree of Bourn where there will also be a program of post and pre show live entertainment.

This August you can catch Nasu Enzuru in three different venues. Grab a ticket online and join in the fun be it under the willow in a purple deck chair at The Willow Tree in Bourn, on site at the beautiful Burwash Manor or from the water's edge of the river Cam at Scudamore's Punting station.

Put your mad hats on, dress up and revel with this bare foot army.

Tour Dates

Willow Tree: 20th Aug

Burwash Manor: 21st – 25th Aug

Scudamore's Punt Station: 27th – 30th Aug