Nasu Enzuru Theatre Company

About Us

Nasu Enzuru are a UK based theatre company, founded in 2003. We are built on the principles of Gypsy theatre – forget sitting pretty and clapping in the correct places; we welcome you to roar with laughter, cackle madly and shriek with delight, as we immerse you in outdoor theatre filled with a beating heart of joy, mystery and silliness.

Pluck an idea from the sky, and toss it to a hungry pack of actors, musicians, artists, dancers and technicians. Roll them in mayhem and sparkles, add a splash of gypsy-punk and beat in a dash of folklore; Fold in fire, mystery, and cartwheels; Stuff liberally with clowns and confetti, and cover in hairspray. Once rehearsed, stir in a beautiful venue and a picnic or two. Whilst simmering, whip up an unsuspecting audience and sprinkle lovingly with decadence, mischief and magic. Oh, and for good measure add two mad dogs and an army of bare feet – and there you have us, Nasu Enzuru Theatre. We're outdoor shows in unique venues; We're Shakespeare and Chekov turned sideways, Folklore reborn, laughed at and loved like never before – be it classic, or completely original, prepare to be amused, amazed and entertained…